Reliable market research can drive businesses’ continued growth and success – whether Fortune 100 leaders or smaller, independent companies. For over 10 years NF Research’s services have delivered targeted consumer market research, point-of-sale data, and industry expertise across nearly every industry.

NF Research offers clients detailed consumer purchase information, including volume, market share, and pricing from all (identified) retailers in the total market. Customer satisfaction, demographics, and other unique insights are available to identify and leverage key retail industry trends.

By tracking and identifying industry trends, our market research information helps companies with strategic planning and positioning, product/menu/service development, consumer targeting, and forecasting.

Our decision to use NF Research was based on a thorough assessment of our requirements. They have proved to be the right fit for our organization in terms of culture and aligning a robust approach to our needs.

The team knew our business inside out, even the more junior members, and they made us feel important, with an independent but pragmatic approach. They have provided exceptional service over the last several projects and have been an excellent sounding board for our strategic thoughts. I would not hesitate in recommending them.

Jane E. Monroe

Managing Director, Innocuous Group

Some of our clients